Anti-Matter Science or Science Fiction?

By Michael Mathiesen (other events)

2 Dates Through Aug 19, 2018

For anyone who has ever wondered why there is so much chaos and disorder in the world.  Or if you've ever wondered about the events in your life that are unexpected, unexplained, or unpredicted.  This is the event for you.

Michael Mathiesen:  Author of dozens of Science and Science Fiction books and videos will discuss how he came to discover the effects of Anti-Matter on our every day lives.

Anti-Matter is created in the center of every galaxy by the black holes that hold the galaxy together.  Anti-matter is also created by lightning in thunderstorms. Whenever an amount of Anti-matter comes into contact with matter, the results is a mutual annihilation.  Mutually assured destruction is also the only method we have to prevent nuclear war and the end of all life on our planet. This is because, the end of the world would be the biggest victory that Anti-Matter could ever claim, at least in human history.  

But on an every-day basis smaller amounts of anti-matter are annihilating our chances for love, success and even happiness whenever we go through an anti-matter cloud.

What can be done about this major problem in life?  Come to the seminar to find out.  REQUIRED reading for the seminar is my book - in PRINT and in AUDIBLE format - at: